Equinox Global has launched a German language trade credit insurance solution for the German domestic and export markets.

The policy’s general conditions follow German law, although it is not a direct translation from a London-based policy, Equinox says in a statement. Instead, the new offering is based on traditional German policy wording to reflect the policies offered by Equinox.

Equinox believes that the policy differentiates from existing offers in Germany by providing standard risk attaching and full comprehensive coverage, including political risk. The policy has non-cancellable limits, and allows clients to trade above credit limits without penalties.

The firm also believes that the new solution will be the most practical and effective way to build and grow its success and experience in the German market, as well as compete on a more level playing field with local German trade credit insurers.

Mike Holley, CEO of Equinox Global, says: “The intricacies of the German trade credit market provide an excellent opportunity for Equinox to continue to expand our business here. Traditionally credit insurers have tended to micro-manage the setting of credit limits − the Equinox product allows a partnership, letting the client follow his own credit limit strategy. In addition, Equinox offers non-cancellable credit limits. This offers a new beginning for the German trade credit insurance market.”