Egypt has been singled out to experience the fastest growth in international trade volumes by 2025, according to a new report.

The HSBC trade connections report has tipped Egyptian trade volumes to soar by 185% by a quarter of the way through the century, though the bank acknowledges the country is moving from a low base.

The Arab Spring and the world’s perception of Egypt as a platform into the Middle East are the major reasons behind the claim.

Egypt currently accounts for just 0.3% of world trade and, even with the meteoric rise; by 2025 it would only make up 0.4%.

“But this nevertheless represents growth in value terms of 185% and demonstrates a clear direction of travel,” says the report.

Alongside China, the UAE is expected to be the largest trade destination for India and will contribute significantly to India’s predicted 156% rise in trade activity up to 2025.

High-value engineering and chemicals-based trade are expected to make up the bulk of transactions.

UAE trade is thought to top US$414bn by 2015, up from 2010’s US$182.8bn, or a rise of 125%.

But the news isn’t all entirely positive for the region.

Saudi Arabian trade is expected to grow at a slightly slower rate than the rest of the world, moving upwards by 72.3% in the next 15 years.

This compares to a world average rise of 73% during the same period.

The report found that globally, 84% of respondents anticipate either consistent or increased volumes of international trade over the next six months.