Swiss company Global Supply Chain Finance (GSCF) has entered into an alliance with Pemberton Asset Management. The two companies will activate a financing platform for trade receivables and trade payables-based programmes operating mainly on the basis of credit insurance.

“This new specialised financing platform will offer flexible and creative supply chain finance solutions to companies in sectors and with structures that traditional banks would not easily cover,” says GSCF CEO Kendall Stevens. GTR understands that the main sectors to begin with will be technology and chemicals, but financing will not be limited to these.

The platform will structure, finance and manage receivables and payables-based financing for companies worldwide. Pemberton will act as the liquidity provider, using funds from its investor base.

GSCF is in the business of setting up and managing supply chain finance programmes in partnership with a wide range of financial institutions and credit insurance companies.

Pemberton is 40% owned by the UK insurance group Legal & General.