Coface has launched CofaMove, an app for existing customers that provides a mobile version of its credit insurance policy management system, Cofanet.

The app is intended to give credit managers the ability to make key decisions quickly and on the move. A Coface spokesperson tells GTR the app will have significant benefits for trade customers: “Policy holders will be able to search the identity and the credit assessment of domestic and international buyers,” says the spokesperson. “They will be able to assess credit risks and make quicker decisions on their trade business.”

CofaMove currently includes features such as a company identification, coverage consultation and the ability to order credit insurance products. Coface plan to expand the app’s capabilities by the end of 2014. It will be multilingual, and will be available to around 40,000 Coface policy holders for no additional cost.

“This new tool meets a technological demand and opens up prospects for more responsive risk management on the ground,” comments strategy director at Coface, Patrice Luscan. “Our international customers can use this new tool on a global scale from day one.”