To provide speedy and reliable responses to Japanese exporters requests for short-term export guarantees, Nexi – the Japanese public export credit insurer established in 2001 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to succeed EID/Miti – sought a rating tool that would permit underwriting this type of risk.

Nexi thus turned to Coface, one of the world leaders in credit-insurance and company-information. Since 2000, Coface has been operating @rating, a system that permits rating 44mn companies worldwide.

Nexi and Coface, which have enjoyed excellent relations for many years, recently signed an agreement, via JTIO (Japan Trade and Investment Insurance Organisation) for the purchase of @rating by Nexi.

By approving @rating, Nexi is able to benefit from Coface’s rating expertise and is now capable of responding faster to client requests for short-term guarantees.

Japanese exporters, meanwhile, can access the @rating service directly via Cofanet, the Coface online credit-risk management tool. This new procedure allows exporters to obtain credit insurance by submitting an @rating instead of a full information report.