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US Ex-Im Bank has approved around US$41mn in financing to support the sale of six S-76C++ helicopters and spare parts by Sikorsky Aircraft to Lider Aviao of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. US Ex-Im is providing a seven-year direct loan to Lider Aviao in the second transaction that the bank has authorised to support the sale of Sikorsky helicopters and spare parts to Lider Aviao, a leading provider of offshore helicopter services in Brazil.

The first transaction, supporting the export of 10 Sikorsky S-76C+ helicopters and spare parts, was authorised by Ex-Im’s board of directors in August 2004.
Ex-Im’s support was needed to “level the playing field” for Sikorsky Aircraft, which was facing competition for the Brazilian sale from a French competitor that was offering financing supported by the French export credit agency. The transaction will enable Lider Aviao to expand its fleet of Sikorsky helicopters for its chartering contracts.