Lootah BC Gas, a joint venture between SS Lootah Group and Terasen International, has again been awarded the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract extension for a Tanzanian project. The contract is to further expand the distribution infrastructure for the supply of natural gas from the high pressure Songas pipeline to industrial customers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The Dar es Salaam industrial gas distribution project started in December 2003 and the current expansion will be completed by February 2006. The current contract expansion consists of over 4km of predominantly 315mm pipe and the installation and commissioning of four industrial meter sets for four large industrial natural gas customers. The project expansion raises the total cumulative project value to Dh27mn. More than 20km of piping work and related network infrastructure as well as testing and commissioning of the pipeline system has already been completed in the earlier phases and stages. It is anticipated that an additional 9km of 315mm pipeline and a pressure reduction station, worth approximately Dh10mn, will be installed during 2006.
“Pan African Energy, a leading energy company in Tanzania, has been supported by Lootah BC Gas on all previous stages and phases of this crucial project and we are looking forward to being involved in further expansions,” says Denis Lefrancois, project director, Lootah BC Gas. “We will continue to be active in Tanzania and other countries in the region thanks to our quality engineering standards and proven performance.”
In the past few years, SS Lootah Group has developed a strong market position, predominantly in the Middle East and adjacent regions, as a leading provider of natural gas distribution infrastructure and related services. Recently, SS Lootah made substantial infrastructure investments to expand its regional and global reach in the energy sector. The Sharjah Natural Gas Distribution Project, the first of its kind in the Gulf region, was completed successfully in 2000; currently the regional business expansion has extended to Asia, Africa and Europe, with projects worth more than Dh1bn.
SS Lootah Group’s latest energy initiative was the launch of International Energy Group (IEG), last September during an energy seminar that attracted clean and renewable energy companies from all over the world. It has signalled the group’s commitment to bring commercially viable clean and renewable energy applications to life in the region and beyond in partnership with an energy alliance operating from Dubai.
“Dubai was selected unanimously as the headquarters of IEG alliance,” says Yahya bin Saeed Al Lootah, vice-chairman, SS Lootah Group. “The IEG alliance will help us enhance our engineering and technology capabilities to meet the rising demand on energy with commercially variable innovative advanced technologies. We focus on achieving the best business and community interests, the Tanzania project is the tip of the iceberg IEG will be carrying out new projects there soon.”