GTR Trade Insights: Doing Business in the UAE

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In this episode of the GTR Trade Insights podcast, we speak to the team at Citi about the factors that make the UAE a high growth market.

Among these are its business-friendly environment, strategic location as a global trading hub, world-class infrastructure, and favourable government policies in promoting trade and investment, as discussed in this conversation with Yusuf Ali Khan, Trade Head for Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan; Mohammad Zubair, UAE Trade Head; and Yali Wang, China: UAE Corridor Transactor at Citi.

Citi has partnered with GTR on a series of articles aimed at companies wanting to set up in, and engage in cross-border trade with, high-growth, complex markets. In the GTR Trade Insights podcast, we speak to the experts behind these articles about what they’re seeing on the ground.

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