Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking has announced a new structure for its natural resources and energy financing group within the recently-established issuer-focused capital raising and financing division.

Harnessing specific sectorial expertise in energy project, mining and commodities finance, the group is to be built on four key platforms with dedicated support: project and reserve-based financing for the energy sector; mining finance; structured commodity finance; and trade and commodity finance.

With an international network dimensioned to address the worldwide nature of commodity and energy markets, the natural resources and energy financing group will be headed by Denis Childs and Pierre Palmieri, supported by Federico Turegano as deputy.

Robin Baker will head project and reserve-based financing for the energy sector.

Sadia Ricke will head mining finance for advisory and structuring plus worldwide coverage of mining companies. She will also head structured commodity finance, with a focus on emerging countries. Dominique Beretti will head trade and commodity finance with a focus on non-emerging countries.

Regionally, the natural resources and energy financing functions will be managed by Craig Tashjian and Federico Turegano for the Americas; Dominique Beretti and Jackson Cheung for Asia; and John Harvey for Australia. Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America will be managed directly by Childs and Palmieri.

“With an enhanced sectorial approach, we will increase our ability to better serve our clients, offering innovative solutions and maintaining our leadership in this sector. We will also focus on the development of new key areas, such as renewable energies,” say Childs and Palmieri.

Baker began his career with the Royal Dutch/Shell Group in 1967 initially in refinery technology and thereafter in supplies and trading in the UK and Asia. He entered Société Générale in 2000 as head of oil and gas project finance, after 20 years’ energy banking with Chase Manhattan Bank.

Beretti began his career at Bank Worms in 1981 where he was head of commodity finance. From 1993 to 1999, he was successively deputy general manager of the London branch, general manager of the Singapore branch and global head of commodities activities.

Beretti joined Société Générale in 2001 as global head of corporate commodity finance.

Childs began his career at the Société Générale group in 1978 when he joined the French retail banking network. In 1981 he moved to the corporate and investment bank as part of the export finance team where he created new areas of business and became co-head. In 1993 he was appointed head of the international branch and in 1996 he created the bank’s worldwide commodity and trade finance business line.

Jackson Cheung joined Société Générale in 1986 and has worked in different structured finance areas including syndications, debt capital markets, project finance and advisory. While being head of natural resources and energy financing for Asia-ex. Japan, Cheung is also heading the entire capital raising and financing division for the region.

Harvey began his career in banking in 1985. He joined Société Générale and then became the regional head of the debt finance division in 2001. While being head of natural resources and energy financing for Australia Pacific, Harvey is also heading the capital raising and financing division, the fixed income, currencies and commodities division, and the corporates institutions and advisory division for the region in Société Générale along with country head responsibilities.

Palmieri began his career at Société Générale in 1987, holding a variety of financing positions in the international division including export finance. In 1994, he joined the commodities finance team and was appointed global head of structured commodities finance in 2001. His responsibilities were broadened in 2003 to include the mining sector and again in 2005 to include trade finance activities.

Ricke started her career at Société Générale risk division as a risk analyst. She then joined the commodities group in 1997 holding a variety of positions before being appointed head of the sugar team in 2002 and then deputy head of mining and structured commodity finance in 2003. She was given additional responsibilities in 2005 when SCF was broadened to include trade finance activities.

Tashjian began his career in commodities in 1985. Before joining Société Générale he was the global head of commodity finance at Standard Chartered, with teams located in New York, London and Singapore. In 1997, he joined Société Générale as head of commodities finance for North and Central America.

Turegano started his career at Société Générale Chicago and Miami. Since at Société Générale he has covered large corporate clients in the US, was deputy head of the financial engineering team in Paris, was responsible for nearly 10 years for Société Générale’s Latin American network and most recently was deputy head of the corporates and institutions division for the Americas. In addition to his title as deputy to the natural resources and energy financing group, Turegano is responsible for the energy group for the Americas.