Export Development Canada (EDC) has named its first permanent representative to India. It is Peter Nesbitt, who has acquired more than 10 years of working experience in South Asia and India. Before joining EDC, Nesbitt worked for Scotiabank and was the manager of its commercial branch in Bangalore.

Nesbitt’s presence in India will enhance service to EDC’s customers in terms of gathering market intelligence, generating leads, engaging in matchmaking and managing transactions. It will also help raise awareness of EDC’s extensive suite of trade finance and risk management services available to Canadian companies operating or interested in the market, as well as to their Indian buyers or partners.

Nesbitt is the newest member of an eight-person team of EDC regional managers established throughout markets of strategic interest to Canada’s exporters and investors. Those fellow representatives are based in China (Beijing), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo), Mexico (Mexico City and Monterrey) and Poland (Warsaw).

EDC supported 129 Canadian exporters and investors in India in 2004, underwriting or financing C$611.2mn in sales and investments. This activity was spread over a multitude of sectors, reflecting the extent to which Canadian technology, skill and expertise can be matched to India’s needs. India’s high-priority sectors include: telecoms, power, advanced technology and machineries, agri-food, oil and gas, railway transportation, environment, forestry, highways, metals and minerals, aerospace and infrastructure (airports and ports).