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Euler Trade Indemnity, the UK credit insurer, has restructured senior management team responsibilities. These changes are designed to streamline all commercial underwriting activities and provide a central focus for consistent and effective service delivery.

Phil Mercer has been appointed head of operations, with responsibility for optimising consistency and effectiveness of service delivery to the customer. He will act as a focal point for the change management projects that the business is presently undergoing.

A key objective will be the establishment of a quality management function for Euler Trade Indemnity tasked with improving business processes. Mercer will also have responsibility for business continuity and operational FSA regulatory requirements.

Phil Simmons, head of commercial underwriting, has assumed responsibility for Euler Trade Indemnity’s Small Business Unit, alongside all other commercial underwriting activities. Managed as a separate business unit, the SBU is responsible for the delivery of appropriate receivables management solutions to companies with turnover up to £10mn. Businesses with turnover above £10mn, including mid and large corporates and multinationals, are serviced by the company’s commercial underwriting department.

A newly-launched product suite, bringing in various aspects of receivables management, now enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from integrated collection and credit opinions services, delivering risk prevention, credit information, overdue account collection and balance sheet protection.