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MAH International GmbH is a Swiss-based company recently established with a worldwide presence and specialised in two business areas: international export marketing and accounts receivable management and debt recovery.MAH has been set up by Maheel Amendra-Hauser, CEO, and Ugo Gervasoni, senior consultant.

The international team includes economists, business management consultants, marketing and sales management consultants, attorneys and specialised collection consultants with commercial experience, multilingual abilities and knowledge of regional and global business cultures and practices.

“We offer a cost-effective tailored export marketing package to facilitate your competitive global market entry strategy,” comments Amendra-Hauser. “MAH will undertake the whole project for your company covering all the necessary activities including market analyses, international marketing and finding suitable buyers or partners in global markets for your products or services.”

The firm can also manage a complete foreign marketing arm for companies.

MAH is also specialised in global debt recovery and in both the commercial and consumer sectors.

“MAH collection specialists are able to help eliminate risk of bad debt, take care of debt collection of disputed and undisputed cross border cases, and provide continual advice to optimise quality management and timely collection of debt,” adds Amendra-Hauser. “Our goal is to achieve the highest possible return on each dollar placed and to offer quick recovery solutions. For international companies, we also take over the whole billing procedure and all the other administration work relating to the company’s international buyers.”

Ugo Gervasoni


Electrical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute (ETH)

Management Education at Pittsburgh University

Management Education at Harvard Business School

Work experience:

Executive division manager for large international company in Switzerland

Business and marketing consultant for Swiss mid-sized companies

Interim manager and board member in various mid-sized Swiss companies

In total, over 30 years experience in all areas

Maheel Amendra-Hauser


Hotel Management at the Swiss School of Hotel Management (HTF)

Executive Management Education (Marketing & Sales) at the University of St Gallen-HSG in Switzerland

Work experience:

(Six years experience) managerial positions, hotels in Asia and Europe, departments: (finance, front officer, F&B)

(10 years experience) senior credit manager and managerial position (head of international recoveries in the main department of the company), in one of the world’s leading international receivables management and debt recovery companies in Switzerland.

Project management, international marketing consulting, several marketing projects for international companies to expand their business into untapped global markets.