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JPMorgan Treasury Services, a unit of JPMorgan Chase has announced several enhancements to its web-based trade services Trade Origination Process (TOP) and Trade Information Exchange (TIE). TOP and TIE provide JPMorgan clients around the world with multi-access capabilities in initiating, executing and managing trade activity from global locations.

JPMorgan’s TIE now offers scanned trade document images for client review and printing, as well as an upgraded history feature that allows retrieval of trade data for up to 365 days and improved e-mail notification for new issuances, payments, and amendments. JPMorgan’s TOP has added a new service for import clients that provides an automatic e-mail notification, indicating when discrepancies are available for review and response. 

“Through these enhancements, JPMorgan has continued its commitment to offering clients throughout the global trade supply chain fully integrated business solutions,” explains Bruce Proctor, head of global trade services, JPMorgan Treasury Services. “Many of the world’s leading corporations and financial institutions have come to rely on JPMorgan’s trade services to outsource key functions, leverage relationships and information, and streamline existing processes, as well as provide better service to their customers. Enhancements to services like TOP and TIE allow us to better serve our clients who have come to rely on our leadership in this area.”

TIE is an innovative browser-based service that delivers real-time information on trade transactions directly to clients’ desktops. Special security software allows users to safely submit enquiries on transactions and obtain the status of their trade business. TIE was the first global solution to provide information links between all players in the trade transaction process. New enhancements to TIE include:

  • Document scanning providing scanned trade document images to clients for review and printing.

  • Upgraded history feature allows for retrieval of trade data for up to 365 days using a date range option.

  • Improved e-mail notification provides notification of new issuances, payments, and amendments.

  • Menu screen (Import/Export) shows customer history as an available option.

  • Import/export data fields import fields include: beneficiary, beneficiary country, DDA, and applicant name; export fields include: applicant, beneficiary, DDA, and issuing bank country.

  • Customer history displays hyperlinks for access to text documents.

  • LC history now includes a ‘totals’ page.

  • LC search now has a date range field where LC information for the selected date range is included in the results screen.

  • Text downloads now includes PDF format, in addition to Microsoft Excel (.csv) format.

  • Ability to display and print the selected dates and/or a range of selected dates.


TOP is a browser-based solution with multi-user capabilities for the initiation of trade transactions. Custom templates and stored databases are used to populate data fields for quick and simple entry of information.

New enhancements to TOP include:

Automatic e-mail advice a new service which notifies import clients that discrepancies are available for review, so they can respond to JPMorgan accordingly.

Detailed print-out includes data elements specific for the application selected. This new production print feature allows for up to 25 transactions to be printed per request.

TOP and TIE, together with other market-tested trade services such as TradeDoc, TradeCard, Payable Discounting, and Bolero have distinguished JPMorgan as one of the savvier trade solution providers in the industry.