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Mark-it Partners Ltd, the world’s first integrated daily pricing service for global credit derivatives, cash credit instruments and syndicated loan pricing, has announced that Calypso has integrated Mark-it RED data into its core technology. The aim of the partnership is to provide financial institutions with greater automation in the trading of credit derivatives and reduce risk by lowering the number of failed trades from inconsistent data.

Calypso is a leading provider of credit derivatives trading and risk management technology to the world’s largest financial institutions. The integration allows data from RED, which has been adopted as the market standard for reference data in the credit markets, to be incorporated directly into Calypso’s system, giving users the ability to place trades using the standardized reference entities and reference obligations.

Mas Nakachi, senior business analyst at Calypso, says, “Having access to accurate reference entity data is a major challenge in the credit derivatives markets today. Mark-it RED is invaluable in providing the transparency and consistency that firms require to conduct their business accurately and efficiently. This integration is an important enhancement for Calypso and our mutual clients will gain tremendously from this joint initiative.”

Penny Davenport, director of Mark-it RED, adds, “We are able to leverage Calypso’s strong technology framework to incorporate RED so that trading desks can benefit greatly from the direct access to Mark-it’s standardised reference entity and reference obligation data. Firms are looking for seamless, integrated solutions for their credit trading businesses and the partnership between Calypso and RED provides exactly that.”