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ABN Amro has launched ‘FI Dashboard’, a powerful information management tool that is designed to help financial institutions manage their entire trade portfolios (letters of credit, collections, guarantees and standby letters of credit) online – proactively and more effectively, claims the bank.

Daniel Cotti, managing director, working capital global trade advisory, says: “Collecting and presenting data in this format is a unique approach. FI Dashboard consolidates and transforms transaction data into vital business management information, enabling clients to manage their trade businesses more profitably and reduce risk. Its functionality improves day-to day administration while providing key indicators for strategic and business planning purposes.”

FI Dashboard is the latest enhancement for MaxTrad, ABN Amro’s award-winning global trade portal. The new service harnesses search engines, multiple data sort, and drill-down capabilities to deliver real-time information that can be accessed online. Clients can access daily activity reports, track a transaction, view customer portfolios, view and release transactions pending approval and create standard or customised reports.

The service also allows detailed transaction information, such as volumes, balances and revenues to be viewed in chart form.

FI Dashboard enables partners to:

Track and control transactions with unsurpassed precision;

Manage funding and cashflow with accuracy;

Define requirements for information and reporting;

Improve risk management through robust MIS functionality;

Closely monitor costs;

Respond faster to customer enquiries;

Reduce operational costs by eliminating telephone or Swift transaction-related enquiries;

Curb business losses through trend analysis, which can identify and predict problem areas by geography, customer exposure;

Help plan business and customer strategy through analysis of historical data.