Singapore listed Noble Group through its subsidiary Fleet Management, a leading ship management company, has released a new web-based vessel management system known as PARIS, Planning And Reporting Infrastructure (Ship).

Launched in 2001 to provide real time information to shore-based ship managers and to their owners, the original system has allowed Fleet to conduct business more efficiently and with greater transparency. Today, PARIS provides the ship’s crew with a secure online platform that allows each vessel to maintain a database of equipment and maintenance, crew details, portage bill, inspection reporting, incidents record and reports and surveys onboard.

PARIS also connects the ship’s interface to the Fleet Management e-procurement system. Automatic synchronisation with the office database via XML over the Inmarsat-link allows for two-way swapping of data between ship and office computers.

PARIS is already operational and implementation throughout the 100-strong fleet is expected to be completed within the next two months. Kishore Rajvanshy, managing director of Fleet Management on the launch of PARIS stated, “We believe we are one of the first companies in the world to have such a system and we are confident that this will help reduce the burden of documentation for ship’s staff while increasing our operational efficiency.”

Major benefits of PARIS include greater availability of timely and accurate information to both ship and office, a more efficient and cost-effective management of the ship and lower communications costs.