Noble Group’s grain division, Noble Grain, has established an alliance partnership in the Middle East with a major thrust into Saudi Arabia.

Noble Group has completed its first shipment of corn and soybean meal, originating from South America and has further strengthen its presence by entering into an alliance with a Saudi Arabian logistics company to provide value-added services to its clients in that marketplace.

“This alliance will greatly strengthen Noble’s ability to support medium/small-sized feed mills, dairy and poultry producers in Saudi Arabia through a network of warehouses, transportation and other logistical infrastructure,” claims the firm.

Saudi Arabia imports about 7mn tones of animal feed products per year.

Leo Tameeris, head of Noble Asia’s grain division says: “Vertical integration and value-added services is the way forward in the grains industry. Our foray into the Middle East will greatly complement our existing presence in Asia. It will provide the bedrock for continued growth and expansion to which we remain fully committed, all of which will translate into increased shareholder value.”