Trade finance veterans Daniel Cotti, Shalini Lall, Michael Vrontamitis and Frank Wendt have established an advisory and consulting firm focused on guiding entities through the complexities of trade finance, working capital and digital transformation.

T3i Partner Network brings together a collective of experts specialising in trade, treasury and technology to offer guidance on strategy development and execution to fintech companies, corporates, banks, non-bank financial institutions, investors and industry bodies. It also offers a growth accelerator service to help businesses identify and solve challenges.

Joining the four founding partners are over 30 specialists, which T3i says collectively boast a combined millennium of experience. These include Dave Meynell, senior technical advisor for the ICC Banking Commission who has been involved in the drafting of numerous ICC rules and guidelines; Stacey Facter, who most recently held the position of senior vice-president for trade products at Baft; and Farrukh Siddiqui, a well-known industry player in the Middle East with past roles including 14 years at JP Morgan and a stint as managing director for the region at Falcon Group.

“Our network is a group of seasoned professionals who have navigated the industry’s challenges firsthand,” says Vrontamitis. “By joining forces, we’re able to leverage this pool of experience and insight to the benefit of our clients. We are not here to play a passive role. Instead, we actively support our clients throughout the process, from strategy to execution, ensuring tangible results.”

“The world of trade and treasury is evolving with technology advancements and shifting legal frameworks, creating exciting opportunities,” adds Lall. “T3i member partners, many of whom are former transaction bankers and technologists, are really embracing the chance to make a genuine impact with our clients.”

Over the past few months, T3i Partner Network says it has already landed a number of clients, including Digital Vault Services, a software-as-a-service provider focused on the issuance and storage of digital guarantees, and Finecta, an API-driven platform that connects trade finance lenders to SMEs.

“T3i has supported us in defining our strategy and executing our overseas expansion plans as the leading digital mature guarantee platform in Europe. Their understanding of us as a startup as well as our financial institution and corporate clients, combined with their global relationships, has been incredible,” says Jaime Gimeno, co-CEO of Digital Vault Services.