In an effort to change the narrative and support women’s advancement in the trade finance industry, GTR organised its inaugural Women in Trade Finance invitation-only lunch in London at 1 Lombard Street Restaurant in September, gathering both men and women in managerial positions in London-based banks, law firms and insurers.

A total of 60 people attended this opportunity to network, discuss the importance of diversity in the financial industry, and be inspired by the guest speaker Pavita Cooper, founder and director of executive search and talent insight business More Difference and a steering committee member of the 30% Club.

The benefits of gender-intelligent organisations are clear: developing a diverse pool of talent, both in terms of gender and ethnic background, is critical for companies to achieve success. However, there is more work to do.

The 30% Club is a campaigning group that was set up to increase the level of representation of women at board level across the FTSE100. “The initial number was not in itself that important,” Cooper tells GTR, “given that the number was below 15% it was set as a notional target. We are close to that [30%] now, so it will increase even further.”