Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking is launching TreasuryVision, a web-based cash management tool for corporate treasurers to achieve visibility of their cash position, enabling management of global liquidity and risk across the enterprise.

TreasuryVision, Citigroup’s Treasury Information Service, provides multi-bank, multi-asset (cash, investments and debt) data aggregation, analytic reporting and treasury workflow tools like, cashflow forecasting. The product is the first of its kind in the industry in being able to aggregate these kinds of information flows into a sophisticated analytical platform.

Paul Galant, global head of cash management at Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking says: “The most important benefit to clients of using TreasuryVision is getting actionable information. Companies can look at their overall positions on a real-time basis and are able to manage their funds much more efficiently as a result of the information and analytics TreasuryVision provides.”

TreasuryVision is a scalable, customisable service allowing all levels of treasury to see a clearer, more accurate picture of the company’s overall accounts and financial positions. The product has a flexible dashboard frame and analytics toolset that clients can use to view, query and analyse proactively aggregated cash, investment and debt positions across Citigroup and other banks.

TreasuryVision’s core service is based on three key success factors: data aggregation, analytics and information distribution.

Data aggregation: Data from client bank accounts, investments and bank debt is collected from all sources and stored in a global information warehouse. Data can be aggregated from both Citigroup accounts as well as from other banks.

Analytics: TreasuryVision provides analytic tools that clients can use to understand their positions generated from the aggregated data covering cash, investments and debt. For example, treasurers can view their global cash position as well as breakdowns by region, country, financial institution or legal entity.

Information distribution: By using these services, clients can manage treasury related reporting, request and approval processes related to cash forecasting, currency risk reporting, intra-company foreign currency and loans and deposit workflows. Additional modules include bank account management.

According to Gary Greenwald, head of cash management information products at Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking, “TreasuryVision increases visibility and control so that treasurers are able to make informed decisions relating to their overall financial positions. Not only does TreasuryVision aggregate the information flows in real time, it also provides robust analytic measurements allowing our clients to focus on optimising financial performance – not data gathering.”

The Cash Management product is a part of Global Transaction Services, which is a provider of integrated cash management, trade finance, securities services and commercial card solutions to corporations, financial institutions and governments around the world.