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Coface UK, the provider of credit solutions for business, has launched two new services which combine credit protection with finance to increase flexibility for businesses in managing their cashflow.

Cashflow Trader integrates credit assessment, credit insurance and collections management. It provides cashflow certainty by paying claims within 30 days of notification regardless of whether the debt has been collected, providing a more predictable ‘days sales outstanding’ figure for the credit manager.

With business success relying on a healthy cashflow, Coface UK claims that Cashflow Trader gives peace of mind, enabling greater focus on operational efficiency within the business and removes the cost of bad debt provisions.

Finance Trader has been launched as the market looks for more financing flexibility than traditional business overdrafts, it claims. The service combines the benefits of credit insurance with an open finance facility; which can be used only when required, giving cashflow protection and versatile lending in one product. Invoice discounting creates greater flexibility as it provides fast access to funds, does not need to be renegotiated on a regular basis and the facility increases alongside the business’s growth. The credit insurance element gives cashflow protection by insuring the sales ledger, states Coface UK.