Debts are a cause for concern, but credit collection is, too, states Italian export credit agenct Sace. However, with Sace BT – the Sace Group company dedicated to short-term risk insurance cover for Italian enterprises – one can rest assured, it claims.

This is the message of Sace BT’s advertising campaign, which will be on air from October 10 and follows Sace SpA’s campaign by a few days. Both were designed by the Milan-based advertising agency Forchets.

The campaign has an appealing and ironic “head ‘” and, most importantly, a symbol that is closely connected with business liquidity – money. It is addressed to Italian entrepreneurs to inform them that from now on there is a new insurance company for risk cover, credit insurance and greater precision in payments, namely Sace BT.

Indeed, the images of the campaign show banknotes wrapped in cellophane (therefore protected from risks), money in the shape of a pillow (to rest assured) or in the shape of a clock (to highlight payment precision).

The aim is also to strengthen the positioning of the company, established last year, which is growing in the market and appears as the partner of small and medium-sized enterprises in the credit insurance sector.