Fimbank is looking to increase its presence in the Romanian factoring market, having recently hosted a conference in Bucharest.

FimBank, in collaboration with Romanian business newspaper Ziarul Financiar, hosted the conference, entitled ‘How to finance your business through factoring’ to introduce the concept of factoring as a sustainable financial solution for businesses in Romania.

Speakers at the conference included top factoring executives such as Erik Timmermans, general secretary of International Factors Group; Çagatay Baydar, general manager of TEB Factoring (BNP Paribas Group) and vice-chairman of Factors Chain International; Alessandro Bertoldo, head of Unicredit’s factoring international department; Romfactor president Dan Stoica and FIMBank president Margrith Lütschg Emmenegger.

Fimbank president Lütschg Emmenegger addressed the topic ‘How to finance your business though factoring’. During her presentation, she highlighted the fact that factoring is the world’s fastest growing trade finance product and consequently, factoring joint ventures remain a key pillar of the bank’s strategy. The FIMBank president also elaborated on developments with regard to what she referred to as the “trade finance alliance” between the bank and Romanian partner Romfactor.