The exports of Belarusian tractor manufacturer Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) increased by 13.1% on the year to 24,565 vehicles in January-August.

Supplies to Russia declined by 21.9% on the year to 7,905 tractors, while shipments to other CIS countries were down by 11.2% to 4,948 vehicles. Specialists believe exports to Russia and the CIS will exceed the 2004 level, however, exports are unstable now due to insufficient financing of agricultural sector.

Export to non-CIS countries was up by 94.6% on the year in January-August to 11,712 tractors. The rise was attributed to resumed exports to Pakistan.

In January-July, MTZ sold a total of 28,496 tractors, up by 17.7% on the year.

In 2005, MTZ plans to increase exports by 9.7% on the year to 34,150 tractors, mostly due to the expected rise in supplies to the CIS and the European Union. In 2004, tractor exports reached by 31,143 vehicles.