ABN Amro has launched the latest version of its award-winning trade portal MaxTrad 7.0. MaxTrad provides online access to a range of trade applications that facilitate finance of import and export activities, streamline international fulfilment, compliance and settlement activities and mitigate cross-border country, commercial or performance risks. Via MaxTrad these vital products and services are available globally on a 24×7 basis.

Daniel Cotti, managing director, global trade advisory, at ABN Amro says: “The trade business is highly competitive; therefore to maintain our leading position, we place continual innovation and customer service at the heart of our development activities. Our latest improvements ensure that the MaxTrad product suite continues to define the industry standard for digital cross-border trade finance services.”

Building on its successful supply chain finance activities, the latest version of MaxTrad introduces a supply chain financing module. Focused on creating efficiencies within the supply chain, it provides web-based tools that help customers improve the cash conversion cycle, access real-time information and minimise paper flow. Through access to an online financing tool, customers are able to monetise their receivables at competitive rates, as and when they require.

This release also features enhancements to the purchase order management module, which focuses on the open account management side of trade. Customers can now view images of original shipping documents online, as they relate to their transactions. This improves reconciliation of discrepancies by providing visual reference to transaction issues. In addition, MaxTrad’s PO customisation capabilities have been improved, with enhanced event notifications for buyers, supply chain connectivity with online access for sellers, and ERP integration facilities to speed the implementation process.

Another new feature that is unique to MaxTrad in this market is an online support channel, which adds a whole new dimension to customer service by providing a flexible array of options to obtain information and fill gaps in customers’ understanding of the portal’s functionality and applications. MaxTrad Virtual Agent is an interactive online knowledge base that provides vital information quickly, efficiently and in the customer’s preferred format. Customers can query the Virtual Agent in a conversational, keyword or FAQ format as well as make and prioritise enquiries via e-mail. The service also supports instant messaging during local business hours. The online support channel, which is without peer in the trade services industry, complements the customer service provided by ABN Amro’s regional service centres around the world.

In addition to the above, MaxTrad 7.0 features a host of enhancements that streamline workflow, provide next generation integration capabilities and improve reporting.