Trade finance advisory house China Trade Solutions has launched Singapore Forfaiting Company to expand its presence across Southeast Asia.

China Trade Solutions, which has originally focused on the mainland Chinese and Hong Kong markets, is aiming to develop its business in Singapore and Indonesia, as well as more generally across Southeast Asia.

Holger Kebernik, managing director of China Trade Solutions tells GTR that the company hopes to bring its existing services and expertise to Singapore and Southeast Asia with the hope of becoming a niche player there.

Singapore Forfaiting Company will be using its existing contacts to structure transactions, particularly in the Middle East with a view to working on Islamic financing, Kebernik says.

“In terms of originating transactions, we will be looking at exports and trades originating from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia mainly. In terms of country risk being covered, we would be looking mainly to place and cover transactions from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (India, Bangladesh and Pakistan).

Kebernik will relocate from Shanghai to Singapore to head up the new company and confirms that appointments will be made within the next six months.