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Teikoku Databank, leader in Japanese companies “credit information and Coface, one of the world major operators of credit insurance and credit management services, have put resources together to give Coface customers and underwriters real-time access to Coface’s @rating credit opinion on Japanese companies, via a direct link to Teikoku Databank’s database.

Since 2000, Teikoku Databank has been a key partner of Coface, through the signature of a strategic alliance, providing information on Japanese companies for the underwriting of Japanese risk.

From now on, Coface’s underwriters have real-time access to TDB’s database. This new development also benefits Coface’s customers who can find the @rating credit opinion of Japanese companies through the internet securitised credit insurance management space (Cofanet). Underwriters and customers have now an immediate and direct access to Coface’s @rating credit opinion on Japanese companies.

Coface’s @rating credit opinion is a company creditworthiness assessment, available to any internet user through Each @rating credit opinion encompasses Coface’s expertise in underwriting commercial risk. This rating leverages Coface’s database of 44mn companies, a wealth of country-specific intelligence as well as Coface’s close to 60 years experience of providing a reliable company assessment.