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China Systems Corporation, the leading provider of trade finance solutions, has recently been awarded the “Swift Ready Gold” label by Swift for 2006. 
Swift consistently delivers quantifiable business value and proven technical excellence to its members through its comprehensive, reliable and secured messaging platform in delivering straight through processing, claims the company. The Swift labelling certification is based on a tightly defined set of detailed criteria. As the highest level of achievement, the gold label rewards applications for full compliance, including the implementation of the new Swift standards and services.

As the highest accreditation given once more to China Systems, the gold label award demonstrates that Eximbills is fully compliant with Swift standards, services, and applications in the management and straight-through processing of financial transactions while providing clients with faster and more reliable integration with the Swift global network community.

China Systems’ Eximbills is the industry standard trade finance back office system that automates the full range of trade finance activities from document preparation, calculation of commissions, foreign exchange to accounting, generation of Swift messages as well as management reporting.
Eximbills is the only trade finance system that can be tailored to adapt to changing real-world requirements in any business or regulatory environment without the need for programming modifications.
China Systems was established in 1983 and is today’s largest trade finance system vendor in the world, with offices throughout Europe, America, Asia, and Middle East.

Eximbills, its back office trade finance system is used by more than 200 customers in over 600 installations in more than 75 countries worldwide.