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After a short break of a few months since his last appointment with Noble Group in Hong Kong, Christian Stauffer

is setting up EuroFin Asia both in Hong Kong and Singapore.

EuroFin Asia is an Asia-based and managed specialised advisory boutique in structured trade finance (STF) and alternative investments dedicated to the Asian emerging markets. “EuroFin Asia will concentrate its truly independent advisory services on the medium-sized companies and industries segment and provide innovative one stop shop solutions for structuring, funding and implementing transactions and development projects in base industries,” says Stauffer. “Capitalising on a strong flow of deals and large address book, with a large network of contacts in the banking industry and strong support from reknowned alternative asset management companies in Switzerland, EuroFin Asia will provide unique opportunies in this segment. EuroFin Asia also will work closely with some well-known names of the STF scene in Asia that have recently made their own move toward independence.”

Stauffer has more than 10 years experience in STF in Asia, living in Asia. Before his last assignment with Noble Group Ltd, he was global head of structured and project finance in Asia for Andre Group in Singapore.