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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan of US$124mn for the Shanxi Road Development II Project in

  • China.

    Funds will finance an integrated road system in Shanxi to promote the economic development of the province.

    The project will have five components: a 65km four lane toll expressway from Houma to Yumenkou; a 4.5km long bridge over the Yellow River to connect Shanxi with Shaanxi as part of the 3,600km Taiyuan-Xi”an Corridor; improvements on over 70km of existing roads including the reconstruction of two bridges across the Fenhe and Fenxi rivers; equipment for road maintenance, toll collection, road safety and administration, land acquisition and resettlement; and a study to monitor the socio-economic impact of the new road network.

    Construction will begin shortly with completion scheduled for January 2007.