TradeCard, a provider of trade and supply chain solutions is to fully automate all the supplier transactions taken by its new client Brook Brothers, a major clothing retailer and a division of Retail Brand Alliance.

The US-based retailer is moving all supplier transactions from purchase orders through to payment onto the TradeCard Platform in order to improve supply chain efficiency and support business growth. It also aims to use the system to improve and expand its global business without having to add new offices, IT or staff.

“Removal of paper and manual processes in our transactions is a catalyst to better visibility and control in our supply chain,” explains Joe Dixon, senior vice president of sourcing, production and technical services at Brooks Brothers.

“TradeCard allows us to improve collaboration with vendors and keep a scorecard to ensure we’re making the right decisions with our strategic suppliers overseas.  This is an important initiative within our broad strategy to become more agile and operate a smarter global supply chain,” he adds. Brook Brothers works closely with suppliers in the Far East, Europe and in the US.

Kurt Cavano, CEO of TradeCard remarks: “Brooks Brothers is a classic TradeCard customer success story. Brooks Brothers began conducting transactions on the TradeCard Platform in 2005 as part of a strategic relationship with one key supplier. Today, after seeing the impact of automating transactions on our platform, Brooks Brothers is extending TradeCard’s value to its suppliers worldwide to improve supply chain visibility and drive business growth.”