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Cotecna, the international inspections group, has signed a customs inspection contract with Mexico’s customs service SAT (Servicio de Administracin Tributaria).
This contract is the only one of its kind anywhere in the world and involves the re-verification of importers” and exporters’ declarations to validate the origin, the value, the harmonised system classification, the dutiable value and the duties and taxes payable for the goods.
In addition Cotecna will carry out selective checks on the existence of the suppliers and the buyers abroad and will assist SAT in the creation of a price and digital database.
These controls, known locally as ‘second recognition” and carried out after the customs clearance of the goods, are intended to reduce fraud and prevent the use of forged documentation or triangulation that conceal the real origin of the goods.
Around 150 Cotecna staff will provide services in 16 customs entry points throughout Mexico. Cotecna will supply state of the art equipment and infrastructure enabling a constant real-time communication with SAT, as well as permanent internet access to information held in a digital database.
Robert Massey, CEO of Cotecna says: “Cotecna is pleased to be able to bring cutting edge technology to Mexican customs. The Mexican government should be applauded for its efforts to impose a rigorous inspection system. Together we will ensure Mexico has one of the premier customs inspection systems in the world.”