The African Development Bank (AfDB) and Tanzania have signed a grant protocol of 15.51 million units of account (UA) equivalent to US$22.98mn to finance the Monduli District Water Supply Project.

This will help improve rural water supply for domestic and livestock consumption, enhance community awareness of the need for better sanitation, improve overall natural resources management in an arid area, and consequently lead to the reduction of water related poverty in the selected areas of the Monduli District.

The project will provide water supply infrastructure consisting of water source, intake works, treatment, transmission and distribution according to the nature of the settlement and the type of resource used. Activities in this area will consist of rehabilitation of seven existing surface water storage facilities in four villages and construction of eight new ones in eight villages. Work on groundwater sources will include protection of eight springs in seven villages and drilling and development of 18 boreholes for six of the villages in different locations. The boreholes will be fitted with motorised pumps that empty water into elevated local storage tanks before distribution. For many of the surface storage tanks, separate pipes will be provided for domestic water use different from those for livestock consumption.

The project area comprises 18 villages and two town settlements including the District Administrative Centre of Monduli and Namanga out of the 73 villages in the whole of Monduli district. The villages are spread over the Manyara, Kisongo and Longido Divisions. The population in project area is estimated at about 72,462.