Taylor-DeJongh (TDJ) has hired Dennis Flannery as executive vice-president and chief operating officer. Flannery brings more than 35 years of international and domestic investment banking and corporate and project finance experience to TDJ.

Moreover, he has extensive experience with multilateral agencies, government treasury and private sector banking. He has many years of working in all areas of international banking, structured and project finance.

Before joining TDJ, Flannery served as executive vice-president at the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). He had operating oversight over a staff of 2,000 in the Washington headquarters and in 28 offices throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

He was an active reformer of the institution, initiating revisions of policies throughout the bank from lending to public enterprises, local currency lending and partial guarantees, to name a few areas. As chairman of the loan committee, he established loan processing guidelines.

He has also served as a banker with Lehman Brothers, First Boston Corporation, Bank of America and Chase Manhattan.

For the US Treasury, he was the resident advisor to the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency. For 10 years, he worked at the World Bank as financial advisor for the co-financing and financial advisory services department.