Christiane Heldermann has joined independent financial services provider AIC Finanz GmbH.

Based in the Cologne regional office, her role is to generate transactions out of the German primary market as well as secondary market activities, such as buying and selling transactions. “This also involves marketing activities for AIC and FI relationships,” she tells GTR.

Heldermann previously worked as executive director of trade finance of DF Deutsche Forfait for 15 years. Her role on the secondary market desk included managing a trade team with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

AIC Finanz specialises in trading and recovering receivables from international transactions, with a focus on the emerging markets. It assumes the economic, political and currency-specific risks on its clients’ behalf. The company also operates an international receivables collection agency with official authorisation from the German authorities.

It was founded 25 years ago by Marcela and Götz von Kayser, both trained lawyers and with many years of practical experience in the fields of forfaiting, collection, export leasing and export trade.