Ian Kerr, who left his role as CEO of Bolero in March, has founded his own fintech consultancy, called the Value Added Partnership.

The firm will advise financial technology companies on everything from business development and strategy to market entry, exit planning and sales management.

“Leaving Bolero suddenly back in March gave me the first opportunity in a 30-plus-year career in financial technology to take a break and consider what I really wanted to do,” Kerr tells GTR.

“I was pleasantly surprised at the number of opportunities that were presented. There appear to be quite a few people who have worked with me in the past that were not put off by the experience. I decided to set up my own consulting business in May to enable me to do something really interesting that applies technology creatively in financial services.”

Kerr’s first client is Episode Six, a US-based fintech company whose payments platform enables banks, retailers and payment service providers to design, develop, issue and manage their payments products.

Kerr was CEO of Bolero, a provider of digital trade solutions, for five years. He was previously COO at Creditcall, a payment service provider.

At Bolero, Kerr was replaced by Andrew Raymond, who was promoted from global sales head.