Noble Group has acquired a majority stake in the assets of Golden Harvest Co, Jilin Province, China. The new entity will be renamed Noble Harvest Co Ltd.

This acquisition will enable Noble to procure pulses (legume) at the farmer level in northeast China and allow a significant amount of addition through the value chain.

To demonstrate its long-term commitment to the pulses (legume) trade, Noble has recently invested in a dedicated warehouse near Tianjin port where a state of the art cleaning and upgrading facility has been installed. The facility allows for over 300 workers to work throughout the year thereby creating additional employment in the area.

With these two investments, Noble is confident of being able to establish a reputation for high quality products and timely performance. Pulses (legume) are for human consumption and require the highest quality standard. Noble already has a large network of pulses (legume) buyers in the sub continent but it will now direct its efforts towards premium markets in Europe and Japan.