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Coface has obtained a licence to deliver insurance products in Poland . It will be opening a domestic and export credit insurance branch via its Austrian subsidiary ÖKV Coface.

Poland is the largest market among economies scheduled to join the EU in 2004. For the past 11 years, Coface has been operating there via its company information and receivables management subsidiary Coface Intercredit Poland, used by companies to facilitate their business dealings.

The new branch will propose domestic and export credit insurance products to Polish companies whatever their size or sector. In developing their business activities, those companies will be able to avail of Coface credit insurance and credit management services underpinned by unrivalled business systems and resources including a database covering 44mn companies worldwide and local service capability in 91 countries.

The new branch will also permit Coface to provide Polish subsidiaries of international groups with local service in the Polish language and currency.