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Canadian and Romanian companies partnering on export contracts can benefit from a new agreement signed between Export Development Canada (EDC) and Banca de Import Export a Romaniei (Eximbank Romania).

The agreement is aimed at promoting cooperation and coordination between the two export credit agencies with respect to their various financing, insurance, reinsurance and guarantee activities. It will encourage Canadian investment in Romania, strengthen trade contacts and establish an ongoing relationship between the two organisations. This will facilitate the exchange of information about potential projects and programmes, as well as provide guidelines for entering into specific financing transactions.

“Canadian and Romanian companies working together to pursue business opportunities in third markets will be well served by the alliance of Eximbank Romania and EDC,” says acting EDC president Gilles Ross. “As business becomes more globalised and interconnected, the collaboration of our export credit agencies, in support of Canadian and Romanian enterprises partnering to export or invest abroad, is very timely.”