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Argentine auto industry B2B solutions developer Autologica is about to close a distribution agreement in <

  • xml:namespace prefix = st1 /> Chile for its software, and also is on the verge of signing agreements with companies in the US and South Africa , all before year-end.

    The Chile deal is being negotiated with a local consultancy.

    The company was preparing for other expansions within Latin America , but found itself contacted by distributors in South Africa and the US . Talks are apparently already quite advanced with these companies. “The South African firm even tested the product on one of its clients, an auto manufacturer,” says a spokesman, adding that systems analysts from both countries will be travelling to Argentina in the next two weeks to evaluate Autologica’s e-business software and determine what adjustments would be needed for their respective markets.

    As per the company’s Latin America strategy, Autologica is in talks with potential distributors of its software in Brazil , Venezuela , Puerto Rico and Ecuador

    Autologica’s portfolio of solutions, which go by the same name as the company, is targeted at auto dealers and manufacturers. The software encompasses a variety of functions, including parts inventory management, vehicle tracking and documentation, service measurement, financial accounting, customer relationship management and credit management for vehicle financing, among others.

    Autologica can also provide advanced B2B functionality over the internet, interconnecting dealers and manufacturers, allowing the intelligent exchange of orders, warranty claims, price updates, and much more. The software can run under ASP architecture, or as a client/server application, depending on client needs.

    Dealers can send vehicle and parts orders, delivery receipts or warranty claims, without data re-entry. In a similar fashion, manufacturers can send dealers price updates, new finance plans, among other data. In both cases, Autologica receives the information and automatically updates the recipient’s database.

    The solution is scalable across multiple brands, companies, currencies and both English and Spanish languages, making it flexible to accommodate a dealer’s specific requirements.

    The company had US$1mn in sales in 2002, and is shooting for US$1.5mn this year. By comparison, sales were US$650,000 in 2001.

    The company serves dealers and manufacturers directly in Argentina , and counts around 100 customers, including the local subsidiary of US agricultural machinery maker John Deere.

    In the event of establishing a bridgehead in the US , the company would face competition chiefly from Reynolds and Reynolds and Automatic Data Processing (ADP).

    Founded in 1994 in Rosario , Argentina , Autologica ( also attends agricultural and construction machinery manufacturers and clients.