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ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) has launched Fraudnet, an initiative that will assemble an unrivalled team of specialists to combat fraud, money laundering and cybercrime.

Composed of an international network of legal experts in the areas of business crime and fraud, Fraudnet will be a vital resource to CCS members, as well as numerous other commercial and governmental interests.

CCS assistant director Peter Lowe says: “CCS is currently in the process of identifying and inviting suitable law firms to participate in Fraudnet. In addition to new business opportunities, participating parties will also be awarded exclusive representation in their country or area.”

Lowe adds: “CCS frequently receives inquiries from individuals and companies believing that they have been defrauded. Quite often these individuals do not know where to turn for redress and recovery of their assets. Fraudnet will allow us to refer them to legal professionals with intimate knowledge of their specific jurisdiction.”

Many fraud cases involve complex offshore havens that can present a complex legal minefield for victims. Successful prosecution and asset recovery in these situations requires the expertise and experience found in only a small number of legal firms.

A positive step in tackling the global problem of fraud and asset recovery, Fraudnet hopes to provide effective and straightforward solutions to the increasing numbers of victims being targeted by fraudsters.

Lowe notes: “To the best of my knowledge, Fraudnet will be the first network of its kind. Our goal is to offer a trouble-free method of finding the right people quickly. We also want to simplify and speed up the process of tracking down fraudsters before the trail goes cold. This is an exciting new venture for CCS and we are already seeing significant interest and support.”