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The African Development Fund (ADF) has approved a grant of UA0.85mn equivalent to US$1.19mn from ADF/Technical Assistance Fund resources to finance the study on the preparation of an environmental investment programme in Angola .

After 30 years of war, the government has found it necessary to prepare a National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP) in order to balance the national development efforts and the quest for economic growth with a rational exploitation of the natural resource base.

The objective of the study is to prepare an investment programme with a priority action plan destined to address immediate environmental needs and to review the state of the environment with a view of establishing an environmental information management system. It also aims to contribute towards poverty reduction through sustainable exploitation of the natural resource base and environmental awareness creation.
The study will adopt a participatory approach involving all stakeholders. These will include government departments, municipalities, donors, NGOs, representatives of the community-based organisations and the private sector operators whose activities have a significant impact on the environment.

Outputs of the study will include: an update of the state of the environment, a strategic environmental investment programme and an efficient environmental information management system.

The results of the proposed environmental review will guide the government in formulating and adopting appropriate policies and procedures and institute the necessary reforms and introduce legislation for the sustained development of natural resources. It will be designed to address the immediate as well as long-term needs for environmental management and will form the basis for future programmes and projects, which will be subject to periodic review and updating. Phase I will take 7.5 months and will involve a diagnosis of the problems and issues facing the sector including the establishment of an environmental information management system. Phase II will take 4.5 months and will contribute to the identification of a broad-based investment programme in which the Bank and other donors can be of assistance.

The estimated costs of the study is UA0.92mn, equivalent to US$1.29mn. The ADF grant will cover the entire foreign exchange component or 91.9% of the total cost whereas the government will contribute the remaining UA0.07mn in local cost equivalent to US$98.000 or 8.1% of the total cost.

Bank group operations in Angola started in 1983. To-date the group has committed in Angola an amount of UA316mn equivalent to US$443mn at a rate of disbursement of 24.5%.