Kuwait Municipality deputy general director and environment engineer Tawfiq Bu Hamad has said that the Kuwait railways project will be decided after presenting final studies in September.

Bu Hamad claims the project aims to link Kuwait and its ports with the neighbouring countries, particularly Shuwaikh port and Bubyan port which is expected to be constructed in the near future. He mentions that the inclusion of the railways project in the structural chart comes in the framework of future community needs, collecting and analysing the information, coordinating with the state ministries and presenting the solutions.
Bu Hamad adds that the project was mentioned for the first time as part of the second structural chart in 1983, but was not implemented due to the regional developments at that time. He underlines that presenting the topic anew requires revising the previous plans and updating the information to go along with Kuwait’s construction development changes. Bu Hamad says, the structural chart designate the railways destinations, whereas the Ministry of Communication would approve the details.

He adds that the train traffic would be far away from residential areas, stressing the importance of activating the Kuwaiti economic and social links with the neighbouring countries.