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The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) has signed ODA loan agreements totalling up to ¥9.94bn (US$88.9mn) with the government of the Republic of Tunisia to finance development of the Borj Cedria science and technology park and a photovoltaic rural electrification and water supply project.


Tunisia has sought to diversify its economy, which currently relies heavily on oil and agriculture, and has drawn up, under the leadership of President Ben Ali, a five-year social and economic development plan that aims to encourage greater economic growth. The JBIC ODA loans are intended to support this government plan, thus contributing to the economic and social development of Tunisia.

In line with the Tunisian government’s policy to give top priority to strengthening industrial competitiveness, JBIC is supporting the development of higher education institutions and research institutes intended to nurture industries and human resources. The project at the Borj Cedria science and technology park will support the development of human resources majoring in science and technology and will improve the research and development capacity of the technology park.

JBIC actively supports the government policy of using renewable energy sources and the photovoltaic rural electrification and water supply project will install photovoltaic generation facilities – thereby contributing to the resolution of environmental problems. The Borj Cedria science and technology park development project will also help tackle environmental issues by supporting research and development of renewable energy sources, including solar energy. As part of the project, researchers from Borj Cedria will have the possibility of studying at Japanese universities.