Iran’s electricity market is clearing the way for the presence of the private sector. The presence of the private sector in the electricity market is under feasibility study now. The aim is to allow the private sector to boost power generation in the country.
Iranian power stations have to boost their capacities at a rate of 3,000MW per year. The Third Five-Year National Economic Development Plan calls for contribution of the private sector to building power stations.
Power stations throughout the country generated more than 148bn kW per hour of electricity in the last calendar year (ended March 19).
Power output was higher than what predicted in the third five-year national plan. The generation was also higher than neighbours. Demand for electricity exceeded 27,000MW last year. The figure grew more than 2,000MW.
The national demand for electricity will hit 44,000MW by the end of the fourth five-year national plan (in March 2010) and the country should boost its capacity to 56,000MW per hour.
Iran’s power network is connected to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.