Swedish export credit agency EKN has changed its categories for several countries. Jordan has been upgraded from premium category 6 to 5. Qatar as well as Oman had their classifications improved by one category from 3 to 2.


Qatar and Oman have for some time enjoyed comfortable export revenues thanks to the high oil prices. The combination of strong export earnings and economic reforms have lead to an impressive financial and economic performance for several years.


Jordan is still financially vulnerable as a consequence of the relatively high debt burden. The situation is, however, gradually improving. A reform programme has been implemented in co-operation with the International Monetary Fund for a long period of time and these changes have helped Jordan to reach a more stable position.


Ghana and Mali have been upgraded from premium class 7 to 6 for medium and long-term transactions. A continued favourable trend and improvements in the debt situation, thanks to large write-offs from the HIPC initiative, are seen as positive for the countries “development.


Cote d ‘Ivoire has been thrown back into civil war. Due to stalled negotiations between the government and the rebels, fighting erupted again in the beginning of November. EKN has chosen to suspend further guarantees on Ivorian risks.


Considering the difficult economic situation of the Central African Republic, EKN has decided to be off cover until the situation improves.


The classification of medium and long-term guarantees on Venezuela has been altered from premium class 7 to 6. High oil prices have strengthened the current account. This has contributed to an improved macroeconomic situation.