HVB Bank Ukraine is taking over a minority stake in BA-CA Leasing’s Ukrainian subsidiary of up to 9.9%, with a capital injection from shareholders of US$1mn.

The subsidiary will operate under the name HVB Leasing, tov and enlarges BA-CA Leasing’s network in Central and Eastern Europe, which now operates in more than 12 countries.

For the beginning, the new leasing service provider will offer vehicle, equipment leasing and vendor leasing as well as insurance services for its products. After an initial exploration phase real estate leasing should complete the range of leasing services. The company plans to cooperate closely with HVB Bank Ukraine and its branch network.

“Our goal is to become one of the leading players in Ukraine,” comments Alexander Schmidecker, managing director at BA-CA Leasing. “I am very happy that we start operative leasing business in this important emerging market.”

BA-CA Leasing is a market leader in the Austrian leasing business and in Central and Eastern Europe. Its range of services includes real estate, equipment and vehicle leasing as well as services such as insurance and fleet management.