Norton Rose has joined forces with Deacons Australia, creating a new international legal practice to be called Norton Rose Group.

The changes will take effect from January 1, 2010, with the decision to integrate Deacons following the completion of successful votes by the respective partnerships on June 22, 2009.

The new Norton Rose Group will have a turnover of more than A$864mn. From the beginning of next year, the Norton Rose Group will be led by group chief executive Peter Martyr, the current Norton Rose chief executive, and deputy group chief executive Don Boyd, the current Deacons Australia chief executive partner. Norton Rose chairman Stephen Parish will be the chairman of Norton Rose Group.

CEO Martyr explains: “We share the same global ambitions to develop our business and improve the depth and breadth of service to our clients. This move will enhance our international reach and in particular create one of the best resourced legal practices in the Asia Pacific region.”

“The economic influence in the world is moving eastwards and in order to develop our business we needed a significant expansion in our resources in Asia Pacific. The increased capability of the group throughout Asia Pacific will lay the foundations for further regional development and expansion.”

Don Boyd, chief executive partner, Deacons Australia, adds: “As soon as the initial discussions were underway, it became clear that there was a common global ambition, particularly in the predicted growth markets of the future, namely Asia Pacific. We have shared aspirations regarding strategic growth, both in practice area terms and geographic expansion. The business case is compelling and the synergy of working together is convincing.”