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Banco Latinoamericano de Exportaciones, (Bladex) has signed a cooperation agreement with the China Development Bank (CDB) geared around identifying common objectives and opportunities with a focus on trade and infrastructure projects in Latin America.


Both banks will seek to work together to identify sound banking opportunities within their areas of expertise, which will contribute to sustained social and economic development, including those related to infrastructure, utilities, the environment and the support of small and medium-sized business programmes.


Zhao Jian Ping, assistant governor of China Development Bank, states: “As a development financial institution, CDB are looking forward to develop financial cooperation with local government bodies, private companies and financial institutions in


Latin America. CDB are pleased to be part of the economic and social development of Latin America, in addition to working with a first-class institution such as Bladex.”


Jaime Rivera, chief executive officer of Bladex, adds: “Bladex is committed to fostering trade and enhancing business flows between China and Latin America as a means of fulfilling its commitment to the well-being of our region and adding significant value to our company. To do so working in association with an institution as important and prestigious as China Development Bank is an honour and a special privilege”.