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EuroFin Asia has reached an agreement with Craig Dimmick, managing director of CND Resources Pte Ltd to contribute to the development of EuroFin Asia in the region while adding a strong overall banking and corporate finance experience to the existing team.

Dimmick has had a 20-year financial and banking career with several institutions including Texas Instruments, Bank of Hawaii and has spent the last five years at Rabobank International Singapore where he was most recently interim head of corporate banking.

He has extensive experience in Asia, emerging markets, treasury, commodities, risk management, credit control and structured finance and is fluent in Mandarin.

Christian Stauffer, managing director of EuroFin Asia comments:
“Developing the partner base of a young company is a very critical task. Craig Dimmick has been known to EuroFin Asia partners for many years and we have had the chance to teamwork with Craig on several assignments in the region. His deep knowledge of the region and the banking environment will be a strong asset for our team at the senior level. On behalf of our team and shareholders, I am extending Craig a very warm welcome”.

EuroFin Asia provides financial, trade and merchant advisory solutions in Asia to local, regional and international small and medium-sized enterprises and industries.

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